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Our mission is to provide our clients with complete therapy contract independence and to develop systematic approaches to exceed our client's therapeutic and financial goals. 

Turning-Point's team has over 30 years of combined experience in SNF therapy management, treatment, reimbursement, and marketing.  

Jerrod Landress
Chief Executive Officer 

Jerrod began his career as a Speech-Language Pathologist over 17 years ago, providing personalized care to his patients and he continues to demonstrate that same hands-on passion for long-term care today. His broad expertise encompasses direct therapeutic patient care, directing rehabilitation services at the facility level, managing regional staffing/training/development for a large contract management company as well as oversight over all elements of the therapy operation at the corporate level.


In 2017 he became VP of Therapy  & Reimbursement operations and reimbursement for a multi-facility management/ownership group, where he was responsible for the development of their in-house rehabilitation transition and infrastructure. It was in that position where he truly grasped the importance of mastering the intricacies of ever-changing revenue regulations and procedures that are so critical to financial success in today’s turbulent SNF environment.


As CEO of Turning-Point, his wealth of professional experience is now shared with his team and his clients. Jerrod has always held: “Personal relationships go hand-in-hand in leading to positive outcomes for the patients and meeting the expectations of owners.”

Rhiannon Hunter
VP of Rehabilitation Compliance & Revenue Management  

Rhiannon Hunter is one of the founding members of Turning Point Consulting, LLC and is the Vice President of Rehabilitation Compliance and Revenue Management.  With over a decade of experience in the Long Term Care and Skilled Nursing industry, Rhiannon has extensive expertise in federal and state regulatory compliance and coding, as well as maximizing reimbursement under the ever-changing reimbursement models for Managed Care Organizations, Medicaid and Medicare PDPM.  Her knowledge of industry denial trends and risk analysis has yielded in over a 90% success rate for appealing and reducing denied claims.  Rhiannon’s passion for educating and empowering people with knowledge is the driving force in all her client relationships.

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Erica McDonald 
VP of Rehabilitation  Management  

Erica McDonald is the Vice President of Rehabilitation Operations for Turning Point Consulting, LLC. Erica brings over 10 years of therapy operation management in skilled nursing.  In this role, she provides direct oversight to the Regional Directors of Rehabilitation ensuring clients’ optimal rehabilitation department success.  This is achieved through Erica’s expertise of daily rehabilitation operations, analysis of current market trends, and implementation of proven successful staffing models.


Erica’s passion is partnering with clients to ensure patient-driven outcomes, effective and efficient therapy operations, and overall client satisfaction.  Her number one goal is to ensure that holistic patient-centered care is the driving force of all therapy operations.

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Melissa Bartlett
VP of Clinical Reimbursment 


Melissa Bartlett is the VP of Clinical Reimbursement for Turning Point Consulting, LLC. In her current role, she works with skilled nursing teams to ensure they are accurately capturing the care and services they provide. Melissa has expert-level knowledge in SNF reimbursement methodologies, 5-star ratings, and healthcare regulatory compliance.


She enjoys teaching and training most of all. According to Melissa, “My mother always said I should have been a teacher, turns out that’s exactly what I love to do!” She really embraces finding new and exciting ways to make the M.D.S process more efficient, accurate, and effective. She loves to empower M.D.S and to help them realize how much of a positive impact that they can have on their patients and facilities.  

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