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Physical Therapy Session

Development and Implementation of Out Patient Rehab Services 

Many skilled nursing facilities could be dual-certified to treat both inpatient skilled admission, along with the authorization to accept outpatient admissions. This creates a more diverse marketing and admission platform and expands the potential of all your rehab units. It also allows greater continuity of care for your patients, by allowing them to come back to your facility after being released from skilled rehab, as opposed to referring them to home-health providers.  Turning-Point has the expertise to assist will all aspects of developing these strategies from analyzation, licensing, marketing and scheduling.  
Turing-Point will also help analyze the current market in each facility's regional area and work together with your team to isolate specific advantages and assist with developing special programs that are tailored to highlight each facility's key features. For example, we might suggest niche programs that could include specialties such as cardiac rehab, wound care, fall prevention, and lymphedema. ​
X-Ray Results

Clinical Specialty Programs 

Doctor's Desk

Licensing and Regulation 

Turning-Point will also assist with acquisitions of Medicare licensing issues and help walk our clients through the steps of acquiring new Medicare and Medicaid licenses. 


  • Turning-Point offers full operational oversight of our client's facilities 

  • Implementing industry regulatory changes within the industry in collaboration with compliance

  • Profit & Loss Monitorization

  • Training and support of therapy staff 

  • Trademarked programs to increase PDPM efficiency with the client's interdisciplinary team

  • Implement cost control measures for therapy operations through proper training and guidance.

  • Extensive training in LTC programming to maximize your patient's long-term care needs and increase your reimbursement success for part B services 

  • Staff education on the importance and therapy involvement with Medicaid CMI in case-mix states 

  • Consultation with clients regarding clinical assessments, quality assurance and performance improvement (QAPI), Minimum Data Set (MDS), reimbursement system development, auditing/training for MDS coordinators

  • Open lines of communications with the clinical team to ensure quality therapy outcomes and best practice standards are always applied 

  • Collaborate with facility administrators on staffing requirements and all aspects of rehabilitation operations.

  • Turning-Point provides a social media blog that will provide live and updated news on current rehab trends, PDPM, and industry-related content that CMS releases to ensure your facilities continue to run at the highest ethical standards.

  • Clients will have access to our resource database, allowing them to view our forms at any time.

  • Live Webinars are also provided to our client's facilities at no additional charge

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