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Nico 5 star

PDPM Calculator 

Powered by Nicodemus 5 Star

Whether you are an experienced MDS or just beginning, our PDPM calculator powered by Nicodemus 5 Star will grant our clients SNFs the greatest reimbursement visibility. Using the most up-to-date CMS guidelines and rates, your PDPM coding will never be the same again 


Advance Wage Index, Section GG and BIMS SCORE

  • Advanced County identification system to get the most accurate wage index.

  • Hyperlink ICD10 coding to ensure the most appropriate and highest reimbursable code is used.

  • Interactive Section GG and BIMS scoring to track and monitor your section GG and BIMS reimbursement opportunities in real time. 

Most Accurate PDPM rates in the Industry 

Advanced Excel algorithms gather data and compile our client's most accurate estimated reimbursement rates and PDPM CMI's on the market. 

Item Specific section I captures for SLP Component 

Hyperlinked SLP comorbidity functionality to ensure the proper ICD10 code is utilized to maximize your SLP CMI

Advanced NTA search and capture

Never miss an NTA point again by allowing your MDS coordinators ultimate coding accuracy when selecting the appropriate NTA diagnosis. 

Enhance Coding accuracy with Section D, E, H, I, J, K, M, N & O

Accurately code the most important PDPM sections in the MDS with ease with a comprehensive coding structure and color-coded layout.


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