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PDPM is FINALLY here! What now???

The highly anticipated Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) was effective on October 1, 2019. Despite all of your efforts and dedicated preparation for this transition, you might still be scratching your head. You are not alone. There is an OVERWHELMING amount of conflicting information out there. And some of you are panicking; with good reason. There has been quite a bit of noise regarding massive layoffs by some of the largest contract therapy companies in the business. There are articles and analysis that are reporting reduced quality of care for our loved ones due to a reduction in therapy. This results in poor outcome measures, hospital readmissions, and reduction in quality measures.

While this model is only 8 days fresh, let's take a moment and breathe. Then...ask yourself the following questions:

Preparedness: Have you identified areas of risk and opportunities for your facility? Do you have a strategic plan in place and readily access a PDPM calculator? Have you contacted your managed care companies to determine the model that they will require for billing? Do you have ongoing education in place for the distinct culture change that will be brought about by PDPM? Did you talk to your therapy provider regarding pricing strategies?

Transition: Have you completed all your IPA's? Were the ARDs set prior to 10/7/2019? Did you perform a RUG IV to PDPM comparison to ensure that you captured the patient accurately on the IPA? Are you consulting your therapy providers daily regarding continuity in documentation, as well as functional scores and outcome measures for your patients?

If you answered no to any of these, you're in the right place! Below are links that will enable you to find the answers to many of these questions. If you're still scratching your head and want experts to empower you with this knowledge, contact us! We'll provide expert analysis, conversion, and monitoring to ensure your facility/facilities absolute success with PDPM.

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