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Although Turning-Point is not a therapy staffing agency, we are fully prepared to assist our clients with all their HR therapeutic needs. We help analyze our clients' current therapy compliments and work with their onsite management to build a therapy department that meets the unique demands of each facility. Turning-Point's goal is to create the most efficient therapy group under PDPM to maximize patient outcomes and keep every facility on budget. Our strategic approach to therapy staffing is designed to maximize CMI, LTC Programming, Outcomes, and PDPM. 



  • During the transition to in-house services, we work with clients and current employees to ensure a minimum amount of turnover, thus making the conversion as seamless as possible

  • Therapist availability will be at an all-time high  due to many nationwide layoffs from contract companies preparing for the new PDPM demands

  • Rate competition will be at an all-time high. As a result, therapy rates may trend lower, thus creating new opportunities

  • Therapy staff demands will decrease with PDPM due to grouping and concurrent treatment options, making staffing decisions even more critical

  • Turning point encourages and instructs our clients' therapy staff to become recruiters and assist in attracting quality people 

  • Helping in-house therapists better understand the benefits of being more invested in caseload management, facility operations, and overall patient outcomes

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