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  • Turning-Point offers full operational oversight of our client's facilities 

  • Implementing industry regulatory changes within the industry in collaboration with compliance

  • Profit & Loss Monitorization

  • Training and support of therapy staff 

  • Trademarked programs to increase PDPM efficiency with the client's interdisciplinary team

  • Implement cost control measures for therapy operations through proper training and guidance

  • Extensive training in LTC programming to maximize your patient's long term care needs and increase your reimbursement success for part B services 

  • Staff education on importance and therapy involvement with Medicaid CMI in case-mix states 

  • Consultation with clients regarding clinical assessments, quality assurance and performance improvement (QAPI), Minimum Data Set (MDS), reimbursement system development, auditing/training for MDS coordinators

  • Open lines of communications with the clinical team to ensure quality therapy outcomes and best practice standards are always applied 

  • Collaborate with facility administrators on staffing requirements, as well as all aspects of rehabilitation operations.

  • Turning-Point provides a social media blog that will provide live and updated news on current rehab trends, PDPM, and industry-related content that CMS releases to ensure your facilities continue to run at the highest ethical standards.

  • Clients will have access to our resource database, allowing them to view our forms at any time.

  • Live Webinars are also provided to our client's facilities at no additional charge. 

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